The Future of the COPPA Rule: An FTC Workshop Banner

The Federal Trade Commission will host a public workshop on October 7, 2019 to explore whether to update the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

The Future of the COPPA Rule: An FTC Workshop will examine whether to update the COPPA Rule in light of evolving business practices in the online children’s marketplace, including the increased use of Internet of Things devices, social media, educational technology, and general audience platforms hosting third-party child-directed content. The COPPA Rule, which was enacted in 2000 and updated in 2013, requires certain Web site operators to obtain parental consent before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13.

The Future of the COPPA RULE Part 1

9:00 am Introductory Remarks 9:05 am Opening Remarks 9:15 am Presentation 9:30 am Panel 1: State of the World in Children's Privacy" 11:05 am Remarks by Commissioner Phillips 11:15 am Panel 2: Scope of the COPPA Rule

The future of the COPPA RULE Part 2

1:30 pm Presentation 1:45 pm Panel 3: Definitions, Exceptions, and Misconceptions 3:15 pm Presentation 3:30 pm Panel 4: Uses and Misuses of Persistent Identifiers 4:45 pm Closing Remarks